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What design for China?

What design for China?

On April 12 in the morning, Design was at the center of debates organized by Gavalda from SOMEXING on the theme “Design for China: Creativity as a Conversation between Beauty Brands and Chinese Consumers”.

The “Design for China” conference shows the interactions between cultural codes and brand codes for increasingly demanding Chinese consumers. The case study of Lancôme’s animation for the 2018 Chinese New Year is presented.

This is also an opportunity to address the specific offline and online apps of this hyper-connected Chinese market to then launch the round table on the theme : “From e-commerce to social commerce” with the testimonials of Alexis Bonhomme from Curiosity China and Thomas Graziani from Walk The Chat, two specialists of digital marketing in China (WeChat campaigns, flash sales, the power of influencers, the hyper segmentation of social networks, etc…).

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