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Activate your Chinese New Year brand spirit

Activate your Chinese New Year brand spirit

Activation of CNY campaigns is key to bringing a full experience of the brand to the consumers. In order to increase the exposure of limited editions and brand awareness, the brand activation of some brands is indeed eye-catching.

Pop up store

This year, cosmetic brand Lancôme opened Pop up stores in different cities in order to promote their CNY 2019 limited edition. In Taibei, the brand set a gaming area, a photo area and an AR photo area, creating a memorable shopping experience to the consumers. Play while you purchase ! Hennessy celebrated China Lunar New Year by opening pop up store in Shanghai, it provided interactive digital games, bottle engraving service and the gifts with purchase.

In store activations

CNY campaigns are implemented in the retail design and merchandising design, creating a festive atmosphere. Beyond design, CNY in store activations : lucky draw, vending machine sampling, tasting, products customization, etc. The puer tea cosmetic brand Cha Ling invited local calligraphers and illustrators to customize perfume bottles in its Hong Kong store. L’Occitane proposed a lucky draw service and Nespresso organized a coffee tasting animation.

Creativity and luxury feel for Hongbao design

“Hongbao” in Mandarin and “Lai see” in Cantonese. Sending  “Hongbao” is a way to send good wishes and lucky in China. For Chinese New Year, all luxury brands launch their own red envelopes to express their understanding of the Chinese New Year traditional gift “Hongbao”.

Digital activations

Concerning digital activations, H5 gaming is a powerful and viral way to activate CNY campaign. It creates a playful experience for the consumers. This year, Pechoin launched a H5 Chiromancy Game telling you the good fortune of the coming year. Mobile phone brand OPPO worked with famous Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal, releasing beautiful illustrations that blend Chinese mythology with Western mythology.

In addition, social networks communication also plays an important role for activating Chinese New Year brand spirit. Here Gucci invited a few style-leader celebrities to wear clothes of this line, and make short videos with its Gucci Tik Tok stickers. Then audience are encouraged to go to Tik Tok and make videos with this ‘GG Pig’ stickers.

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