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2019 welcomes the Year of Pig

2019 welcomes the Year of Pig

For the Chinese New Year, major brands have launched their limited editions. Some key brands have developed through time their own CNY identity becoming Lunar New Year rendez-vous for the consumers (Lancôme, Gucci, Vans, Converse). 

Chinese heritage and spring blossoms

As a tribute to Chinese culture, brands find inspiration in the Chinese heritage. For example, NARS uses the design of Suzhou garden-style hollow-out window frame, and MAC adopts red carve patterns plus “FU” character. Inspired by an ancient Chinese story “鲤鱼跃龙门 (The carp has leaped through the dragon’s gate)”, YSL 2019’s limited edition colors in indigo the golden koi fish scales. An alternative to Chinese heritage is spring blossoms, a theme beautifully developed in the Dior collection in a red interpretation of the brand’s original Toile de Jouy.

The zodiac sign

The domestic pig is a symbol of kindness and loyalty and the wild boar a symbol of bravery. Therefore, 2019 as the Year of the Pig symbolises that we are as brave as we have always been, heading for a better life. Referring to the pig animal, the tone of the campaigns become light hearted. With a golden flying pig, Lancôme lets you Wish Big !  Hanamino humanizes a little flower pig with glasses. Gucci’s presents a 19 pieces capsule collection with Disney original “Three Little Pigs” characters available on the Gucci online shop. 

Artist Collaborations

Elegant designs have been developed in collaboration with Chinese and international artists. Our favorites are Chloé and Hennessy. Collaborating with Su Wukou emerging Fashion designer, Vans wishes you A Fat Year,  while Mao Tai traditional Chinese spirits brand proposes a bottle designed by Chinese artist Han Meilin, famous for its designs for China Post CNY stamps and the very popular Fuwa of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

祝愿大家诸事如意, 猪年好运 !