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@ Beijing Design Week 2018

@ Beijing Design Week 2018

Today begins the Beijing Design Week. SOMEXING will cover this major event.

2018 Design Expo is one of the components of this year’s Beijing Design Week, and one of the most anticipated highlights of many activities. Design Expo aims to highlight the grand pattern and profound connotation of Beijing’s construction of national cultural center and science and technology innovation center, strives to build a panoramic stage for the most innovative design companies and designers at home and abroad, and to provide an inte-grated and win-win platform for forward-looking design-related industries. Relying on the brand accumulation advantage and mature operation mode of Beijing Design Week, Design Expo will lead the optimization integration of Beijing design services and related industries, further improve the industrial chain structure of urban design services, and focus on the construction of the factor market of Beijing design services. Meanwhile, Design Expo also bears the function of social communication and public education. It carries forward the fine spirit of the Chinese civilization through innovative design, constantly stimulates the poten-tial of traditional culture in innovation and creation, breaks through tradition and future, from intangible cultural heritage to artificial intelligence, connects emotion and wisdom, evokes the cultural interests of the public, helps the public to establish innovative consciousness from multiple dimensions, and builds cultural confidence and cultural consciousness.

2018 Design Expo takes “Design Beyond” as the theme. The contents cover all aspects of people’s life, including food, clothing, shelter, transportation and use, integrate “innovation, vision, experience, negotiation”, and use innovative design to meet people’s growing needs for a better life. The Expo consists of five thematic exhibitions and one invited exhibition:

1) Chinese Traditional Craft Revitalization Theme Design Exhibition “, which takes Chinese traditional craft revitalization plan as purport, takes the modern transformation of traditional technology as direction, and takes ways of engaging and immersive experience to show the results of traditional technology in life application and innovative design, to highlight the goal and meaning of traditional technology in modern life.

2)X Species Design Exhibition, use the most creative and pioneering interactive design form to bring the public into an un-precedented aesthetic experience of the integration of design, technology and life.

3) “Life Fashion Design Exhibition” faces the fourth Korean industrial revolution. It will present in all aspects of how “design” exists as a way of living in future society.

4) “Chinese Culture IP and Innovative Design Exhibition” present the current development achievements of China IP from four aspects, which are culture and art, animation film and television, original de-sign and fashion life. It takes exhibition, theme forum and “Golden Bamboo” to promote the building of shaping force, influences and communications’ power of China IP. Use “Chinese Culture IP Alliance” to set up a platform to promote the growth of Chinese culture IP and promote the connection between IP and design forces.

5) “Fashion Beijing Exhibition” is an official supporting exhibition of Beijing Fashion Week and also an important part of Beijing Design Week. “Fashion Beijing Exhibition” provides a diversified business service platform which gathers brand image display, media communication, order transaction and etc., and is a newly business card helping to making Beijing into a fashion capital.