Lancôme Art Of Absolue Exhibition, William Amor

William Amor

William Amor

About the Artist

William Amor is an upcycling artist who lives and works in Paris. His artistic work takes birth in the will to take the current upcycling trend further and to place art in the service of Ecology. In his support for environmentalism, William Amor’s artworks become poetic messengers and provokers of emotions with the underlying theme of beauty and Sustainability.

He has cooperated with many brands and enterprises, including Chanel, Guerlain, Centre Beaugrenelle, Galeries Lafayette, etc.

William Amor

About William Amor Artwork

Take a walk into Lancôme’s botanic paradise built with recycled plastic and immerse in natural wonders while paying tribute to environmentally conscious beauty. A precious Garden of Eden born of the metamorphosis of abandoned products and waste is constructed in a 25㎡ cube-shaped room. Three art installations divide this Garden of Eden into three parts: the Field of Tulips, Flying Petals, and Rose Waterfall. The artist masterfully creates with upcycled materials as his brush strokes to paint the most sensual and dreamlike creatures, flowers, out of seemingly hard-to-imagine materials, plastics. The Theater of Metamorphosis expresses the eternal life and poetic beauty of Lancôme Absolue and its emblematic perpetual rose. The art installation is a magic box of sustainability, a tribute to life’s powerful vibrancy and timelessness.

William Amor, 2023, 700cm*500cm*500cm, Art installation

My first instinct was to imagine a paradise, a precious Garden of Eden


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