Carlsberg CNY 2024 limited edition with Ofen Hu

Carlsberg X Ofen Hu

Ofen Hu

About the Artist

Hu Yunfeng 胡云峰 (Ofen Hu), is a Chinese artist who revisits and reinterprets traditional elements of Chinese culture through a modern prism. By using his contemporary artistic approach, he is known for his diverse art forms such as paintings, prints, digital illustrations, sculptures, toy designs and much more. His commercial illustration and design work has won over twenty international awards.

About the Carlsberg CNY 2024 limited edition Collaboration

Carlsberg celebrates the Year of the Dragon with the collaboration of contemporary artist Ofen Hu, the fourth artist edition developed for the brand by Somexing Art Agency.

This New Year artist edition is elevating much-anticipated reunions with loved and dear ones whilst ushering in prosperity and smoothness for the year ahead. The dragon is depicted as the only messenger of the Chinese New Year, with a youthful and majestic aura. Ofen Hu brought it to life by infusing it with the spirit of spring flowers in full bloom, ingrained with an ethereal essence. The Carlsberg dragon is playing with the “dragon ball”, known as the “pearl of wisdom” representing the pursuit of knowledge, enlightenment, and spiritual growth. It is also seen as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.

The overall style is a blend of classic contemporary elements and symbols, reinventing the traditional and reinterpreting a Chinese proverb which says that the fate of the year is decided in spring.

With Carlsberg, we created this painting of the dragon welcoming spring.

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