Artistic collaboration between Lancôme and Jacky Tsai

Lancôme X Jacky Tsai


About the artist

Known for his exploration of traditional Chinese artistry and forsaken craftsmanship, Jacky Tsai, brings his pioneering sensibility to Lancôme’s loong. The London-based multimedia artist from Shanghai, has built global acclaim for embracing new digital artforms – pioneering among Asia’s artists to transform his works into new blockchain technology-driven digital art.

Lancôme X Jacky Tsai

Lancôme celebrates the year of the Dragon, making the impossible possible

Under the curatorship of Somexing Art Agency, Lancôme signs a Chinese New Year first, a collaboration with the artist Jacky Tsai who reinvents the Lancôme Loong to celebrate the legendary power of the magnificent dragon, a perfect blend of East and West to create an exceptional collection- the perfect gift for this New Year.

Loong, a symbol of prosperity and vitality, is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, theloong exists only in the imagination. Representing the power to make the impossible possible, to make vitality return. As the loong rises, it brings hope and prosperity to the land below, filling the sky with petals and creating a trail of wonders. It’s a celebration of the coming of spring, the return of vitality, all the nature comes back to the world.

As New Year approaches, the dragon awakes. A celebration of the arrival of spring, symbolized in the bloom of the Lancôme rose, Jacky Tsai imagines his loong arising in homage to the cultures of China, France and of Lancôme itself. The artist’s loong is a visual meeting of two cultures and a journey through the fabric of two iconic cities represented in the intricate details- the Eiffel tower, the bamboo shoots that symbolizes vitality, the phoenix eyes that symbolize powerful femininity.

“Paris is simply a piece of art for me, and I have a very deep connection with Shanghai. My art is the blending of cultures and I wish it could be the perfect embodiment of power and love.”

A 360°celebration campaign

Gifting art collection

Gifting packaging artist editions, designed by artist Jacky Tsai, beautifully adorned with the loong for the celebration of the New Year, elevate the gifting experience of the brand.

Hero Movie

Lancôme calls on director Neels Castillon to celebrate nature’s return in a hero video, filmed for the first time in China’s grandiose mountains landscape, starring actress and Lancôme’s Global Ambassador Ni Ni as a symbol of grace and strength.


In a digital first, to support this celebration across digital platforms, Lancôme produces a 3D metaverse movie featuring the loong, as part of a seven-day campaign to accompany women as they mark this new year celebration.

Ice Sculpture

Lancôme presents the New Year’s Art Ice Sculpture installation at the Harbin Ice and Snow World festival, which is crystal clear and dreamy, conveying New Year’s wishes. The crystal-clear Arc de Triomphe complements artist Jacky Tsai’s artwork. From now until the end of February 2024.

Campaign Movies

Ice Sculpture installation

Artist Video

Products Animation

Hero Movie


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