The Art of Absolue Lancôme Exhibition, Wang Kaifang

Wang Kaifang - The Art Of Absolue Lancôme

Wang Kaifang

About the artist

Well-known gold artist, his creative process is centered around “evolving Eastern understanding of the universe”, conducting independent and pioneering academic research and artistic practices in worldwide creative projects through philosophical contemplations and scientific methods.

Wang Kaifang keeps challenging the technical boundaries of digital sculptures with innovative art theories and styles.

Wang Kaifang - The Art Of Absolue Lancôme

About Wang Kaifang Artwork

The artist was inspired by Absolue Perpetual Rose in the creative process. He combines Eastern classic philosophies and Western modern technology to create an “arched doorway of roses”, defined by airiness and ease. Audience walking through a wind tunnel of roses, is as if walking into a time transporter, taking them to the land of Lancôme that is beyond the touch of time. Rose is an emblem to represent Lancôme Absolue’s everlasting beauty.

The front of the artwork is pulsing with vitality and allure while the back reveals traces of the creative process. The contrast between the two shows that perpetual beauty is hard-earned with dedication.



Wang Kaifang, 2023, 700cm*500cm, Digital sculpture

Gold travels through human cultures and civilisations.


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