The Art of Absolue Lancôme Exhibition, Luo Daishi

Leo Daishi - The Art Of Absolue Lancôme


About the artist

Luo Daishi is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in product design. She is devoted to probing into a future of complete synergy between nature and humanity by nurturing works with copper as the medium. In recent years, Daishi Luo has continued to work with “copper”, focusing on the creative research of biology in materials. The fusion of contemporary science and the design material behavior allows the material to grow spontaneously in the creation.

In 2017 she won the China National Young Art Talents, and in 2019 she won the project support of the Shenzhen Creative Charity Foundation. Her work has been exhibited in Milan Design Week (2016), the 56th Bienanale di Venezia, Art Asia (2016), and etc.

Leo Daishi - The Art Of Absolue Lancôme

About Luo Daishi Artwork

A colossal universe of copper-based colors grows, as if it’s a biological system, in a lab of poetic whimsicalness and scientific advancements. A 2.4 meters high, cone-shaped incubator and six wall-hanging petri dish surround the place, containing colorful life in different stages. The artist was inspired by Lancôme Absolue’s pioneering spirit to explore moments of perpetual beauty beyond the touch of time. She used polymer resin to capture a frame in the growth of copper-based colors and transform it into crystal clear images, presenting Lancôme Absolue’s rejuvenation magic in the current of time.



Luo Daishi, 2023, 600cm*700cm*330cm (the size is changeable), Art installation

I explored an infinite range of colours and details.


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