The Art of Absolue Lancôme Exhibition, Danni Zheng

Danni Zheng - The Art Of Absolue Lancôme

Danni Zheng (郑丹妮)

About the artist

Danni Zheng is a new media artist and alumna of the Royal College of Art, currently based in London. Her artistic practice is rooted in her background in spatial design and encompasses a fusion of physical and virtual realms, utilizing mediums such as 3D animation, immersive experiences, live performances, and creative coding.

With a recent focus on future world-building, Zheng’s work sparks contemplation on sustainable and speculative environments, intricately blending elements of nature, synthetic structures, and human interventions. Demonstrating her collaborative spirit, she has engaged in fruitful collaborations showcased at prestigious venues in London, Shanghai, Miami, Brighton, and Hong Kong.

Danni Zheng - The Art Of Absolue Lancôme

About Danni Zheng Artwork

Growth, Blossoms, and Beyond subtly interweaves the human, natural, and socio-cultural worlds in an immersive virtual botanic garden. The viewer is placed in a botanic garden of the future by bringing them closer to the deep complexities of our fascinating world in the new media art installation. While they explore the wonders of nature, they can also observe closely the impact of climate change on the world, comprehend the relationship between human behavior and the environment, and understand the immense importance of biodiversity. Growth, Blossoms, and Beyond conveys the same environmentally-conscious philosophy in line with Lancôme’s belief in sustainable development, calling for people to look at nature’s many marvels and respect the connection between all creatures.

Project by Danni Zheng

Sound Design: Suting Han

Technical Support: Chien-hua Huang, Yinan Wang

Space Design: Chien-hua Huang

3D Model Assistant: Huizhi Huang

Editor: Jinyao Wang

Special Thanks: Jingyi Sun, Jiajing Zhao



Danni Zheng, 2023, Height 4m * Diameter 12m, Multi-sensory Immersive Interactive Experience

I wanted to create a large-scale immersive interactive experience.


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