The Art of Absolue Lancôme Exhibition, Cai Zhisong

Can Zhisong - The Art Of Absolue Lancôme


About the artist

Cai Zhisong, a graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in sculpture, is a sculptor of international renown. He has already made a name for himself among the young artists of his time, holding his first exhibition in Beijing in 1999.

He received the 2001 Taylor Prize at the Salon d’Automne in Paris, the Rockfeller Chinese Outstanding Young Artist. The artist is also one of the most auctioned Chinese sculptors in the world.

Can Zhisong - The Art Of Absolue Lancôme

About Cai Zhisong Artwork

Rose and love are linked since time eternal. As time passes, love comes and goes just like rose blooms and wilts, with glorious outburst of passion as its peak and melancholy whisper of farewells at dusk. In Rose in Winter, the artist chooses stainless steel to create everlasting roses that never withers, forever young in their jubilee, just like Absolue Perpetual Rose, regardless of the changing season.

Stainless steel has a gentle yet eye-catching shine, perfect as a material to express the fragility and strength of love. An oxymoron personified, the allure of Rose in Winter is in its enticing contradictory: regardless of the changing, shifting forms, love is always the common denominator. The gigantic rose stands before the audience in all its majesty to invite them onto an encounter of time, witness how the power of love and beauty transcends all boundaries of time.



Cai Zhisong, 2023, 350cm*330cm*250cm, Art installation


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