Collaboration between Victo Ngai and Carlsberg

Victo Ngaï 倪传婧

Victo Ngaï 倪传婧

About the artist

Victo Ngai is a renowned illustrator born in Hong Kong and living is Los Angeles. Her works blend Eastern colors with Western philosophy. She loves playing with scales to bring visual contrasts and enrich the storytelling, creating surprises and emotions to the viewer. Using her unique painting method, Victo Ngai reinterprets traditional oriental styles with a twist, creating images that are figurative yet whimsical. Her works have always been synonymous with exquisiteness.

Carlsberg 2022
Victo Ngaï

About the artistic edition of Carlsberg CNY 2022

In the artwork “好事成双” “Good Things Come in Pairs” created for Carlsberg CNY 2022, we can deeply feel the delicacy of her painting style and the skillfulness of her techniques. Embodying the brand wish for a smooth new year, the artist celebrates the year of the tiger with a high-spirited image featuring anthropomorphic ribbon dancers conjuring up two large tigers with their ribbons. The color palette is inspired by the Carlsberg greens, CNY festivities, as well as the latest men’s trends from top fashion houses which embraces bright colours and exuberant patterns. Channelling auspicious traditional CNY messages, such as “好事成双”,“花开富贵” and “源源不断”, with a fresh and modern representation.
A joyful invitation to welcome spring in a festive spirit!

Good Things Come in Pairs

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