Collaboration Between The Artist Zhang Guang Yu and Carlsberg

Zhang Guangyu

Zhang Guang Yu

About the artist

Born in 1987 in Shanghai. Zhang Guang yu lives and works in Shanghai
He graduated from Central Saint Martins with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012.
He started his career exploring ink textures and colours through digital and printing techniques producing limited editions pigment print on fine art paper. Today, he is also making large scale oil and acrylic paintings and develops 3D animations of his works.
Zhang鈥檚 works are saturated and densely layered portals that teeter between kaleidoscopic abstractions and surreal landscapes. His work present the aesthetic impression produced by fusion of strong contrast elements, like the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, geometry and blur, classical and contemporary art.

Carlsberg 2021
Zhang Guang Yu

About the edition CNY Carlsberg China

Zhang Guang Yu is a pioneer Artist. For the Ox year, he illustrates the scene with the core visual that the Ox arriving on the auspicious clouds in five colours to bring people healthy, vitality and good luck.
The theme 鈥渞evive鈥 has been expressed by the traditional Chinese symbols like the Ox implying a strong body and a persistent spirit, the leaping koi fish symbolizing the arrival of wealth, the cranes flapping their wings to bring auspiciousness and longevity.


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