The Maison Margiela Fragrance CNY Collaboration with Birdhead

Artistes Chinois Birdhead collaboration avec Margiela


About the Artists

Birdhead 鸟头 is a photographic collective founded in 2004 consisting of Song Tao and Ji Weiyu. Based on the aesthetic of the snapshot, the works of these two Shanghai-born-and-bred artists have earned them worldwide recognition. Analog photography is in the DNA of their work. BIRDHEAD captures fleeting moments of everyday life to offer a version of urban reality – idle youth, crumbling buildings, faded advertisements and other street scenes – that offers a striking contrast to the opulence of the Chinese megalopolis. The palpable tension in their work contrasts underlying reality with the kaleidoscopic diversity of life, while offering a profound reflection on the relationship between the material and the spiritual. Through their subjective representation, we witness live the changes of the city and its rapid development.
By combining the photographic matrix, collage, a particular editing technique, etc., Birdhead creates a “Birdhead world” in various exhibition spaces and a humanistic environment.

Artistes Chinois Birdhead collaboration avec Margiela

About the Maison Margiela Fragrance CNY Collaboration

For this first collaboration with Maison Margiela Fragrance, Birdhead created this artwork using photocollage, a process that is central to the artistic creation of Birdhead. Under the red light of their darkroom, the photographers developed photos taken during Chinese New Year that illustrate memories of this festive moment. The photos were then cut, and assembled together in a Birdhead signature photocollage. The character “Fu”, which means good fortune and happiness, has been painted on the top of the photocollage. The sense of interlaced time and space created by the juxtaposition of photocollage acts to deconstruct each picture, but also reorganize the original memory of the New Year.

Photos are memories of the past that we are keeping alive.

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