Lancôme Art Of Absolue Exhibition, Tian Xiaolei

Tian Xiaolei


About the Artist

Tian Xiaolei graduated from the School of Design of the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree and worked in Beijing. His works are mostly about the relationship between people and science and technology. He is interested in the uncertainty of rapid iteration in this era, the relationship between science and technology and life in species evolution, and the new trend of this mixed era. He uses the artist’s imagination to create future world samples, mixed culture, history, technology, body, and create new artistic experiences.

Tian Xiaolei’s works have been collected many times by important contemporary art institutions such as the Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Today Art Museum, the Meulensteen in New York, the Hao Art Museum, the Art Museum of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, and the Wang Shiguo Art Foundation. It is the vanguard force of new media art in China.

Tian Xiaolei

About Tian Xiaolei Artwork

In his reinterpretation of the classic symbol of beauty, the Venus de Milo, with technological approach, the artist was inspired by the pioneering spirit and perpetuality of the Lancôme Absolue. Looking at the artwork from two sides, the Venus de Milo shows different silhouettes representing technology in different stages of development. As time progresses, the sculpture transforms from classic complexity to simple geometry. Planets, wristwatches, diamonds, and other elements in the art installation either signify the passing seasons or emblem of perpetuality in the current of time. The video plays on loop with no clarified beginning and end, revealing the artwork’s theme: the development of technology perfects the image of beauty and the pursuit for beauty is the common denominator for every era.

Tian Xiaolei, 2023, 200cm*200cm*400cm, New media video

This is a seamless circular video work, with no beginning and end, short and eternal cycle.


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