Lancôme Art Of Absolue Exhibition, Pierre Brault

Pierre Brault

Pierre Brault

About the Artist

Pierre Brault, a visual artist and designer reflects on the environment and biodiversity. Through his colourful and luminous creations in recycled Plexiglas, he shares a positive and optimistic vision of the world. Using the principle of anamorphosis, the coloured shadows change according to the time of day, like sundials.

Since 2016, he has been working with leading luxury, fashion and design brands on scenography projects, design objects and large-scale installations in urban spaces. His work is represented by international galleries in Miami, new York, Paris and London.

Pierre Brault

About Pierre Brault Artwork

He has chosen to represent Lancôme’s iconic rose, a unique work in recycled Plexiglas : Golden Sun Rose. This large-scale rose features large petals tinted pink and mirrored in gold. Once assembled on translucent rods, the Plexiglas gives an impression of levitation and lightness to the coloured petals. The projected light uses the space, taking it over and making it the very subject of the creation. The work moves beyond the confines of its support to create refracted shadows with multiple radiant effects. The play of shadows in perpetual movement is generated by the rhythm of the sun. A reassuring and stimulating energy, the work invites us to contemplate and seize the moment. It’s a tribute to the beauty of nature, to the cycle of life, to renewal.


Pierre Brault. 2023, 178cm*178cm*20cm, Art Installation

I’m inspired by the beauty and graphic diversity of flora and fauna in this project with Lancôme


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