Carlsberg CNY 2023 limited edition with Feifei Ruan

Carlsberg X Feifei Ruan

Feifei Ruan

About the Artist

Feifei Ruan is Chinese artist, living in Los Angeles. Finding inspiration in the people and events in her life, Feifei’s work touches on themes related to humanity and the universe at large. Her skill lies in her ability to use visual narratives to explore abstract topics, and also in her ability to create a unique atmospheric mood in her illustrations. The images she creates contains oriental charm, but at the same time, is very different from the style of traditional Eastern art. Feifei is able to evoke a sense of mystery in her artwork that piques the curiosity of viewers and draws them into her immersive creations. Her collection of work includes illustrations, prints, storybooks, and graphic designs. She is a member of the New York Society of Illustrators and Art Directors Club.

Carlsberg X Feifei Ruan

About the Carlsberg CNY 2023 limited edition Collaboration

Carlsberg launches the 2023 Chinese New Year limited edition for the Year of the Rabbit with the contemporary artist Feifei Ruan to combine the aesthetics of the eastern classic and exotic drama through the lens of the modern digital art piece.

The collaboration concept is built on Chinese New Year’s essence, drawing on the celebratory nature of reuniting with family and friends, featuring a spring wonderland depicting eight magical rabbits transformed from the golden liquid of Carlsberg premium brew, reuniting in a beer forest. The piece is embellished with koi fish, signifying luck and good fortune, flying swallows that welcome spring and new beginnings, and dragonflies symbolising harmony, prosperity and good luck. Additionally, elements of gold coins and blooming peonies symbolise wealth, prosperity and new beginnings. In her description during the artwork creation, “the rabbits represent friends or family members. The gathering symbolizes团团圆圆(togetherness and family reunion). All auspicious symbols come alive to celebrate this special festival in the wonderland that Carlsberg and I co-created.”

Carlsberg 2023 Chinese New Year limited edition will be launched across the Asia markets starting from December – China, Hong Kong SAR, Malaysia and Singapore, to share the largest festival of the year amongst the Chinese community.

“All auspicious symbols come alive to celebrate this special festival in the wonderland that Carlsberg and I co-created.”

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