Artist Collaboration between Chinese Artist Lu Xinjian and Carlsberg

Lu XinJian Carlsberg Summer 2022


Carlsberg Summer 2022

Lu Xinjian is a Chinese contemporary artist known for creating highly graphical and colorful paintings. Deeply rooted in the neoplasticism of Piet Mondrian, Lu Xinjian’s lines draw on abstraction to represent modern metropolises by interpreting their DNA in complex geometric shapes and saturated colors. His City DNA series takes satellite images of cities as a starting point and translates them into iconic lines and symbols overlooking the urban landscape, proposing a unique aesthetic and rhythm for each city. Some familiar cities open up to the viewer from a new perspective. In recent years, his City Stream series interprets the density and flow of cities, while his Reflections portray the tranquil essence of monuments through their reflection in water.

Carlsberg Summer 2022
Zhang Guang Yu

About Carlsberg SUMMER 2022 China

For 175 years , Carlsberg’s beer has been flowing from Copenhagen to the world, as a pioneer with the spirit of courageous exploration, from city to city, to China.
This summer, Carlsberg China is launching two artist editions with contemporary artist Lu Xinjian. Taking inspiration from City Streams series, Lu Xinjian created a cityline of Copenhagen and a cityline combining Chinese iconic buildings.
Copenhagen is a historic city surrounded by rivers; while modern China is well developed with highways and tall buildings. These artist editions will be a metaphor between the flowing of river streams of Copenhagen and highway streams of Chinese megacities.
Celebrating summer days and nights, The Danish edition will be the “Endless Summer Day” with a rising sun, making the city summer full of vitality and energy. The Chinese edition will be the ”Neon Nights” of Chinese megacities, which depicts a bustling summer night, enlivened by flashing neon lights and shooting stars in the sky.

175 years, flowing from city to city

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