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The Mystery Behind Feng Li’s Photography

Feng Li is a self-made and independent photographer. His inspiration is driven by coincidental, mystery and uncertainty that he finds in street scenes of everyday life. In his unique and ongoing series ‘White Night’, Feng Li shows a particular ease at catching the most unusual moments while wandering the streets of his hometown Chengdu. But what about a change of scenery?

Feng Li in Paris, Arles and Fashion Magazines

That is exactly what the curator Thomas Sauvin offered Feng Li, inviting him to show his work for the first time in Paris last year and to continue his ongoing series ‘White Night’ during his stay in the French capital. The results can be found in the publication of the first book of this series, White Night in Paris which sold out quickly. The second one was launched during the New York Art book fair and gathered 40 prints in a limited edition of 80. This year, Feng Li came back to France to show his ‘White Night‘ project at Rencontres d’Arles, along with photographs he shot on site that were integrated directly into the exhibit as Feng Li was taking them.

The artist’s particular style also attracted the attention of Fashion editors. Last year Feng Li collaborated with System Magazine and Vogue UK. The encounter of these two worlds was definitely a great match!

Follow Feng Li’s Instagram @fenglee313 and check his most recent news on its website.


Lucille Enel