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Scent Fiction

Scent Fiction: Symrise’s Creative Fragrance Exhibition in Hong Kong- November 2019


An olfactive exploration of 90’s Asian youth culture through 8 iconic characters.


At the crossroads of olfactory creation, design and prose, Scent Fiction was a multi-disciplinary project created by Nez, the olfactory magazine and Symrise in partnership with Somexing, helded at the Space 27 gallery.


From Mulan to Old Godmother, Nezha to Jia Jia, eight characters and memories selected by Somexing– from mythological heroes to modern icons – were chosen to embody popular culture in China. Thirteen Symrise perfumers from Europe and Asia then came up with perfumes to represent each character: eight exclusive creations that are part of a journey of the senses where image, light, sound, objects and perfumes intermingle.


Each encounter between a character and a perfume draws the codes of perfumery and Chinese olfactory culture to open up new perspectives on that character’s history and qualities.