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Pineapple leaves: A new creation process

Innovative Korean Brand

Mary’s pineapple is a Korean Brand based in Seoul. In starting the company, Martin Ko, CEO of Mary’s Pineapple, discovered Piñatex. An alternative leather made of pineapple leaves, while looking for new artificial materials certified vegan.
Striving to spare harm inflicted on animals on style purpose, vegan fashion has been spreading through South Korea in recent years.
Thanks to Ananas anam and their Piñatex fibre, Mary’s Pineapple creates vegetable leather bags and wallets.

Ananas Anam, The pineapple society

Dr. Carmen Hijosa founder of Ananas Anam Ltd located in London, has launched an alternative fabric to leather. In an environmentally-friendly and innovative way of thinking, she creates this alternative leather. Piñatex is a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) certified vegan fashion label.

Pineapples are the world’s second most cultivated tropical fruit. For every 16 units, almost 500 leaves are extracted, according to the estimations of Ananas Anam, this equates to one square meter of Piñatex.
Piñatex characteristics are its leather-like appearance, it’s soft and flexible fabric but very durable.

For instance, It can be used in clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, interior furniture’s and also car seats. Famous fashion brands and designers like Hugo Boss, Trussardi, Laura Strambi and Liselore Frowijn use this innovative and respectful product to set up new ways of consumption and creation.