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Lu Ming Tang : A cup of beauty

When innovation meets nature

Born in the longjing valley, Lu Ming Tang is a line of skincare products. Thanks to a strong background in the skincare industry, Marie Amiand founded Lu Ming Tang in 2016. After four years of research and development, inspiration of authentic stories created this brand. To strive against heavy metal poisoning, Ms Amiand’s doctor recommended her to drink more tea, especially tea with a high polyphenol concentration in it.

Why Lu Ming Tang ? Lù 露 for the dew on tea leaves once gathered and used to make the Emperor Tea, Míng 茗 an ancient character expressing tea enjoyment in Chinese poetry, finally the Táng 堂 referring to the imperial herbal pharmacy.

It merges ancestral natural ingredients from the French pharmacopeia and traditional Chinese medicine with the natural benefits of tea leaves. Allowed by research, Lu Ming Tang gathers natural ingredients and innovation.

High-quality terroirs:

For the best quality and diversity of products Lu Ming Tang select four natural recipes of tea, with leaf-tips handpicked by Chinese women. Longjing green tea or emperor tea imported from the UNESCO-protected tea terraces of Longjing near Hangzhou. Tieguanyin Wulong Tea coming from wuyi mountain, a complex wulong tea with a floral bouquet fragrance. Baihaoyinzhen White tea, is a rare white tea which can only be harvested two days per year, located in Taimu montain in Fujian province. Pu’re black tea came from the home of the world oldest tea trees aged more than 1.000 years old in the Xishuangbanna mountains in southwestern Yunnan Province. EGCG polyphenol from tea is the most powerful antioxidant found in the nature. This EGCG detoxifies, reduces inflammatory damage, protects the skin against toxins and toxic pollution, also reactivates the cell-renewal.

The power of nature

Lu Ming Tang allies exceptional teas and natural, botanical ingredients such as jasmine, edelweiss flowers, acerola red berries, hawthorn, apricot Kernel and Sesame Seeds. Cosmetics range includes creams, face masks, soaps, oils and serums. Most popular products are; the moisturizer cream crème de Marie and Miraculous Detox Paste mask which exfoliate and brighten the skin.

Another product palette is authentic tea soap. Soaps are vegan, gluten-free and eco-friendly made from natural oils. They are created from traditional cold-process method, stirred by hand, then cured for 4 to 6 weeks.

Due to this natural ingredients and process Lu Ming Tang’s products do not us parabens, sulphates, phthalates or other harmful chemical ingredients.

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